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A social media platform with the capabilities and flexibility necessary to create a comprehensive and far-reaching social identity.

Build Your Own Topical Audiences

Create, share, and funnel diversified topical content into distinct categorized personal channels, and build the most relevant audiences around the topics you are most passionate about.

Expand Your Social Reach

Publish your posts to the most relevant community channels and automatically get recognized as an influencer in specific contexts.

Guaranteed Distribution and Discovery

An adaptive algorithm analyzes the context of your posts, classifies it accordingly to the most relevant and popular hashtags, thus, maximal distribution is guaranteed. As users can follow distinct hashtags, you will get discovered almost instantly.

Bookmarking & Self-Publishing

Bookmark any message for future reference. Easily redraft a collection of bookmarked messages into a daily digest message and self-publish to the most relevant audiences.

Composite Content Filtering

Multiple content filtering mechanisms allow you to search, filter, and control your own aggregated home feed.

Integrated RSS Reader

Subscribe to a private set of RSS feeds or to a more refined, multi-level syndication of public content sourced directly from our publishing partners.